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Subsidized Spay & Neuter Services

Help us reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals.

Subsidized Spay & Neuter Services

Help us reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals.

We have performed over 128,000 spay/neuter surgeries and provided wellness services to over 67,000 pets since opening June 11, 2012!

If your pet is not spayed or neutered yet, call today 314-771-PETS for an appointment!
Call 314-771-PETS For Your Appointment!

Please refrain from using the online link to schedule appointments for feral cats. Instead, we ask that you contact the clinic by phone or email to make arrangements for feral cats

Meet Wendy Heckman, Carol House Quick Fix Executive Director

Meet Kelly Thorpe, Carol House Quick Fix Vet Tech Assistant

2023 BINGO Recap

Imagine a world without euthanasia …

Savings Lives Through Prevention

We envision a community in which pets are not euthanized just because they are homeless. The only way to control dog and cat overpopulation and the euthanizing of adoptable animals is by decreasing birth rates. The Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic mission is to reduce pet overpopulation by providing an effective, accessible and affordable pet services. Our mission is also to share resources and information with pet owners and non-pet owners about the benefits of spaying and neutering companion animals. By reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats that are born, we will also reduce the number that enter local shelters, only to be euthanized.

Learn more about our Community Outreach Program

Meet Angie Duhr, Office Manager and RVT

How to Build a Cat Shelter

Celebrating 5 Years and 50,000 Surgeries

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June 2024 Newsletter

Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic Adds Rolla Board Member

ROLLA, MO  Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic, a low-cost spay/neuter and wellness veterinary clinic, is pleased to announce that Marsha Rana Wayman has joined its Board of Directors.

Talk of the Town Interview

Talk of the Town welcomes in Community Outreach Manager, Andrea Schwartz and Veterinary Technician Assistant, Kelly Thorpe.

Your Love For Companion Pets Can Carry On Long After You Are Gone

It’s true! You can make a direct impact on the lives of companion pets by gifting a portion of your estate to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic in your Last Will and Testament. Simply share, with your estate planner, your desire to bequeath a monetary gift or gifts of stock to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic. Your donation will allow them to continue their award-winning spay and neuter work long after you are gone. Your donation will move St. Louis closer to being a “No Needless Kill Community”.

Estate gifting is a great alternative for you to support CHQFPC when your heart says, “I want to give”, but your pocket book says, “You don’t have the money right now.” If this sounds like an opportunity for which you would want to be remembered, please let your estate planner know. Then, contact Wendy at (314) 771-PETS, so you can be recognized as one of our “Fur-ever Friends”.

It is our hope that your gift will not be actualized for a long time, but when the time does arrive CHQFPC will use your legacy of love to make the lives of cats and dogs a whole lot better here on earth!

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