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St. Louis Clinic: 314-771-PETS (7387)
Rolla Clinic: 573-465-3099

Volunteer & Help

Thank you to everyone who has brought donations and volunteered time so far.  We are always in need of more support, especially in volunteers and donating much needed supplies.

Volunteers are needed for

  • Fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Weekend Greeters
  • Cage Cleaning
  • General Administrative Tasks

Office Supply Donation Wish List

– Shop our Amazon Wish List

*Copy paper
*Trash Bags (large and small)
*Socks and Rice (to make heating socks)
*Paper Towels
*Toilet Paper
*Laundry Detergent
*Spray Bottles
*Brooms and Dustpans
*Liquid Hand Soap
*Feliway or Other Cat Pheromone Calmers
*AA Batteries
*9V Batteries
*Lint Rollers
*Cat/Dog Food-Adult and Puppy or Kitten
(various brands ok, blander diets are best)
*Large Rubbermaid Containers
*Nail trimmers
*Plastic Clip Boards
*Ink Pens
*Dry Erase Markers
*Post-It Notes
*Index Cards

*Fluids (LRS, NaCl, etc.) Unopened and not expired
*Bitter Apple
*Non-Medicated Ear Cleaners
*Microscope Slides and Cover Slips
*Distilled Water
*Rubbing Alcohol
*Medical Equipment (large variety can be put to use-feel free to ask or donate)

If you are interested in helping with the above items, please contact us at info@stlspayneuter.org.


St. Louis Office Hours

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm

Spay/Neuter by appointment ONLY.
Call 314-771-PETS (7387) to schedule.

St. Louis Surgery drop-off times

  • Dogs – 7:30a
    • Please make sure collars and leashes are secure. Please keep your dog on a short leash and refrain from interacting with any pets not in your household.
  • Cats – 8:00a
    • Please make sure cats are in secure carriers. One cat per carrier. All ferals MUST be in humane, size appropriate traps. They must be able to rest comfortably. Squirrel traps are not acceptable and will likely be declined for surgery.
    • Drop off will take between 40-60 minutes, as everyone drops off at the same time.

St. Louis Surgery pickup times

    • Dogs between 3:30p – 4:00p
    • Cats between 4:00p – 4:30p
    • If your pet is ready to go early, we will text you to pick up at that time.
    • If you have both a dog and a cat here for surgery, pick up between 3:30p – 4:00p.

For the Rolla Clinic House CLICK HERE

Your Love For Companion Pets Can Carry On Long After You Are Gone

It’s true! You can make a direct impact on the lives of companion pets by gifting a portion of your estate to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic in your Last Will and Testament. Simply share, with your estate planner, your desire to bequeath a monetary gift or gifts of stock to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic. Your donation will allow them to continue their award-winning spay and neuter work long after you are gone. Your donation will move St. Louis closer to being a “No Needless Kill Community”.

Estate gifting is a great alternative for you to support CHQFPC when your heart says, “I want to give”, but your pocket book says, “You don’t have the money right now.” If this sounds like an opportunity for which you would want to be remembered, please let your estate planner know. Then, contact Wendy at (314) 771-PETS, so you can be recognized as one of our “Fur-ever Friends”.

It is our hope that your gift will not be actualized for a long time, but when the time does arrive CHQFPC will use your legacy of love to make the lives of cats and dogs a whole lot better here on earth!

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