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Wellness Services

catAll services are available at time of spay/neuter surgery.

An extra $15 will be charged per visit to vaccinate an unaltered pet through our wellness services.

No residential requirements.
CASH, VISA or MASTERCARD accepted. No checks.

Rabies Vaccination – $17*

  • Legally required for cats and dogs
  • Vaccination good for one year

Canine Distemper Vaccination (DHLPP) (Dog) – $17*

  • Protects against distemper, parvovirus and most other common contagious diseases
  • Highly recommended for all dogs
  • Start vaccination at 8 weeks – will need boosters based on age

Kennel Cough Vaccination (Dog) – $17*

  • Also known as Bordatella
  • Recommended for dogs that spend time around other dogs (groomers, boarding, dog parks)

Heartworm Test (Dog)- $20

  • Dogs can get heartworms from mosquito bites at any time of the year
  • Blood test
  • Heartworm disease is easy to prevent, but difficult and expensive to treat
  • Annual test required to receive heartworm prevention

Feline Distemper Vaccination (FVRCP) (Cat)- $17*

  • Protects against most common contagious diseases
  • Highly recommended for all cats
  • Start vaccination at 8 weeks – will need boosters based on age

Feline Leukemia Vaccination (Cat) – $17*

  • Start vaccination at 10 weeks of age – will need one booster
  • Recommended for cats that go outdoors

FIV/Feline Leukemia Test (Cat) – $20

  • Blood test
  • Recommended for cats with unknown health history (especially when bringing them into the home)

Microchip – $25

  • Helps to get your pet returned to you if he/she is lost
  • Inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades
  • Requires free registration with the microchip company (providing your contact information)

Flea Prevention

  • 30 day topical flea prevention: $12
  • 90 day oral chew flea prevention (Bravecto – dog): $40
  • 90 day topical flea prevention (Bravecto – cat): $40

Dewormer – Price based on weight

  • Recommended for all puppies and kittens
  • Recommended for any pet where worms have been seen in the stool
  • Different types of worms require different medications

*Additional $15 fee is charged to vaccinate unaltered pets through our wellness services.

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